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In december, a special month, I have made photo’s outside and I am surprised how much color there still is to find.IMG_1484IMG_1496IMG_1505

3D Atelier

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The new 3D atelier, rented from SKAR in Rotterdam, is ready. From now on it will be possible to keep on painting (2D) in my first atelier and to sculpt in this new location in the south of Rotterdam. Photography happens outside, here the whole world is my working place.

New atelier

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In the spring of 2014 there will be an opening reception in my 3D atelier in the south of Rotterdam. My social network will be invited. In this reception/exposition my new sculptures are exhibited. In the spring I have spent time in this new working place and can tell everybody how it feels to work there and to be surrounded by several visual artists as in the building about twenty of them are present.


Geschreven door Loes Vink op . Geplaatst in Nieuws


The building where I have my sculpture working place has a website, www.langehilleweg235.nl

On mai 17 and 18 there will be an open atelier/working place weekend with art, a lecture, music, interviews with artists, drinks, see the website.

Exposition 2014

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During a meeting on the 15th of november with several ex-students of the KABK in The Hague, it was decided to organise an exposition in 2014. In that year it will have been ten years ago a lot of people in our group graduated from the KABK. We will communicate about the theme, the date and the place. A process has started whereby former students of the KABK will work together, you can see us on Facebook, the KABK Groep. We discussed about a  website, an intervision group and the use of social media. So far this resulted in this group on Facebook.

Business Cards

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Soon my new business cards will be ready and can be asked for by email. The first edition was talked about with several people, a new one was made after getting this feedback and will be delivered in about ten days. The picture on the front, you can see it here,SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA tells something about my interest in nature and the patterns we see everywhere, in trees, grass, leaves. I want the business card to be a pleasant, even beautiful object to look at, so I had to experience with color, form, contrast, like in other works of art.